Our Company



AMG was founded in 1999 and has grown into a leading specialty hospital organization, becoming a Top 5 post acute hospital system nationally. AMG’s principal officers have over 50 years of experience both developing and managing the operations of multiple inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation hospitals, long term acute care hospitals, general acute care hospitals, ambulatory surgical facilities, walk-in clinics, diagnostic testing facilities, and hospices.

We are a privately-owned provider of post-acute health care services, with 11 post acute care hospitals, and over 1,100 employees. Our vision and capabilities signify continued growth and expansion opportunities for the company. Please see our locations page for a listing of our hospitals.

Our long-term acute care hospitals provide a continued acute level of care for patients suffering complex medical conditions such as: respiratory failure, ventilator dependence, complicated infections, chronic non-healing wounds, cardiac complications and surgical complications. Our inpatient rehabilitation facilities provide intensive physical rehabilitation to patients who have suffered traumatic injury.

We are dedicated to providing our patients the most appropriate medical care and support to help them return to health. This can only be met through the commitment and performance of our exceptionally skilled and valued employees. Several of our hospitals are owned in part by physician investors. Having investment interest in a hospital enables a physician to have a voice in hospital administration and operations. This involvement helps to ensure the utmost quality of care for their patients. Learn more about our patient care.